George Mayer reveals the project “Light. Shadows. Perfect Woman” through a special camera, the camera of perfectionism. Through this camera the author sees the characters of his photographs: the light, the shadows and the nature of femininity. It is considered a temporal thus it becomes utterly conditional, nearly abstract. The concept of “Perfect woman” refers us to the plot of the film “The Perfect Human” (1967) by the Danish director Jorgen Leth. This short film symbolically depicts the feeling of anxiety and emptiness that haunts the bearers of conditional “perfection”.
Arranging the delicate balance of the correlation of the dark and the light the author discovers the obvious monumentality and duality of a perfect woman’s images. Within the space of the picture, the light becomes flat and the dark gets deeper subjecting all conventionalities and details. This way geometry of light becomes not only sculptural language but also correlates the meanings. “The Perfect” in the author’s photographs is contradictory in nature: on the one hand, it is monumental and complete and on the other hand it is naked and vulnerable. These controversial strains comprise the essential content of the photographer’s works.