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Quote: “To cover models in light and shadow is not just an artistic process that a photographer uses for the sake of beauty but also a way to express the contrasts that cohabit in the human consciousness, the contrariety of a perfect woman’s image, the libido and the mortido.

George Mayer is a photographer and designer from Nizhny Tagil, a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers. The main style of his creative works is classic fashion previous-century in-studio portraits and nude photographs. His favorite photographers include Horst P. Horst, František Drtikol and Gregory Colbert.

Mayer is engaged in commercial, artistic and conceptual art projects at the same time, and his style is peculiar for the use of minimum tools to express maximum emotions. “Light. Shadow. Perfect woman” series of photographs brought him the first prize in the nomination “Portrait” among the professionals at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards international contest in 2017. In that cycle the photographer expressed the dualism of image through the correlation of light and shadow and the very notion of “perfect woman” became controversial. On the one hand, the image is monumental and complete, and on the other hand it is naked and vulnerable.

Mayer used a similar process with light and shadow in “Libido and mortido” project. Those are the two types of psychic energy that accompany people since their birth. Libido is the pursuance of creativity and arts or the desire to live. Mortido is the pursuance of death or eternal life without the body. However, libido and mortido represent rather the interpenetrating dialectical antipodes than a rivalry of antithesis. And a woman’s shape on the photographs is a symbol reflecting the human consciousness which is on the line between the concepts of creation and destruction (libido and mortido)...” >>>>

Klassik Magazine

Klassik International, the Klassik Generation, a movement that brings together artists of different genders at the international level: Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Creative directors, Art Directors, Video Games designers, Photographers, Dj’s, Musicians, Singers, Designers, Industrial designers, Interior designers, Architects, Athletes, Worldwide Champions and Legends, Fashion designers, International Chefs, Digital artists, Writers, Actors, Executive Producers, Film Directors, Philantrophists, Politicians, Property Developers, Investors, etc

Klassik International New York Miami Worldwide Office

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cp. 08037 Barcelona

p.+ 34 630 548 683


Quote: «George Mayer Photographer Interview:

What other interests do you have outside of art?
After I graduated from college I took interest in studying architecture and design. My wife and I participated in international contests as interior designers and won a lot of them. We also worked with a group of artists and made video art, interior installations, art objects. I even composed music for the video art. But I think myself a professional only in design and photography.

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art perfomances today?
In our city we nearly never can see lectures or masterclasses of famous artists. Usually I study on the internet. Now on Youtube you can see the whole series of ‘Contacts’ (1989-2008) and it is very convenient. I also like buying photobooks. Every photobook is a work of art itself. The easiest way to understand the author is through the books.

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? Nobody can forbid a person from thinking.

Define Media News’ Klassik International’ for the audience? Haute culture…» >>>>

LINLINE (Russia) No 21 2017

LINLINE is a women’s magazine, it is published in Europe (Poland) and distributed in Russia and the countries of Europe. The print run of the magazine is 100,000 copies.


Editorial office: “Stolnik Media Grupp”


8d 8 Marta Street, office 18

Sverdlovsk Region,

city of Ekaterinburg, Russia



The magazine has placed the photograph on the cover and dedicated 6 lines of the issue to the interview with George.


Quote: “Since 2005 George Mayer

has been professionally engaging in photography and since 2008 he has been participating in renowned international photo contests such as Photography Masters Cup (USA), The Spider Awards (USA), National Portrait Gallery Awards (United Kingdom), Maestro Photo Contest (Russia). In 2011 Georgy arranged his first personal exhibition in Fotolia LAB gallery (Berlin, Germany). In 2012 he made the shortlist of Young Photographers of Russia contest, following which he became a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers. The same year he was nominated for the prize at Sony World photography Awards photo contest (the exhibition had been held in Somerset House, London, the United Kingdom). Thanks to his “Shadows” photo project he was given the title of “The CIS Photographer of the Year” at the International Photography Awards…” 

NORMAL magazine #8 (France)

Normal is a high-end quarterly magazine devoted to art photography, focusing on fashion, body and artistic nude.

A subtle fusion between art-book and magazine, Normal reveals the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers and new talents through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios, mingling fashion and art in 300 pages. Over the years, the Normal team has built a strong relationship with today's most talented influencers. As a quality support for the arts, Normal is available through limited editions in bookshops, museums and specialized concept stores, France and Worldwide






22 rue Vicq d'Azir

RCS Paris sous le numéro 799 351 036

Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire : FR 11 799351036

ISSN 2272-0596

E-mail :


The magazine has dedicated 8 lines to the interview with George and placed his name on the cover


Quote: “Light. Shadows. Perfect woman. By arranging the delicate balance and correlation of darkness and light, the author reveals the evident monumentality and dualism of the images of perfect woman. In the space of the image the bright becomes flat and the dark becomes deep, thus highlighting all conventions and details. Such approach turns the geometry of light into a sculptural language. Hence, the concept of “perfection” in the photographs becomes contradictory to the concept of natural. These opposing concepts are at the heart of these works.

Georgy Mayer is a Russian photographer and designer. In 2004 he graduated magna cum laude from Ural College of Applied Arts, majoring in “Media Designer”. Until 2007 he worked as interior designer and then he participated in the international photographers contests and won the first prize of the Russian National Young Talents contest. In 2011 he arranged his first personal exhibition in Berlin, Germany, and launched out intensively in photography. He made a shot at fashion and nude and makes those captivating portraits of the play of light, shapes and curves. Afterwards, he collaborated with international modeling agencies and stylists. His works are regularly published in Russian and foreign fashion magazines.

“I like to experiment with light, but I prefer the black-and-white photography. It is my passion to work with the shadows! I adore the works by František Drtikol, Horst P. Horst, Robert Mapplethorpe. The nu photography has existed for almost 150 years. Photographers have always painted with shadows on the naked female body and I continue this tradition. As you can see, the classics are still relevant, and always will be!” >>>>

IMGISM magazine Nr 7. September 2019 (USA)

Imagism Magazine wants to give a platform to talented photographers, models, make up artists and stylists to showcase their work.





Quote: «In photography I am attracted by the essence of this process itself hidden in the name “PhotoGraphy"
It is on the border of shadow that the most interesting things happen. The naked woman’s figure in my creative projects is an invented character who I placed at the border of light and shadow and who has to balance in search of harmony Each portrait reflects a certain state of mind. I do not like inventing names for my works be cause I do not want my viewers to use their logic but I want them to feel the mood hidden in each picture. Over the past two years I have been working at commercial projects veiy seldom hut even in such projects I allow for experiments using various light and colour techniques and optical illusions. But the most important stage of the work takes place not in the studio but at the moment of working at the sketches. I see each of my shots in my imagination long before the picture gets into the matrix of the camera. And actually it is work at the sketches that is my favourite stage ofwork. And in the studio I do my best to repro duce the created image as precisely as possible. Of course not all models match this work. Only those who arc the most devot ed, patient and ready to suffer for art. They sit in complicated poses for6-8 hoursuntil we obtain the desired result. But when they sec themselves in the famous galleries or in magazines, they realize that their work is not for nothing.» >>>>

MIR24 (World24) TV channel is an intergovernmental TV and radio company broadcasting in Russian. It was founded in 1992 by Agreement of the heads of the Commonwealth of Independent States members in order to cover the political, economical and humanitarian cooperation, form the common information area and promote the international information exchange. This TV and radio company is an international organization headquartered in Moscow and having national branches and representative offices in 9 countries. The broadcasting is performed in four time zones, in 23 states of the former Soviet Union and beyond.


Quote: “According to “MIR 24”, VS unio gallery hosts exhibition called ‘Mayer vs Bryukhanov’.

In his works, the artist Sergey Bryukhanov uses the language of avant-gardists and decomposes the vivid colors into halftones, the “spectra”. Beside them are the work of the young photographer George Mayer. Those are the black-and-white pictures made up of the play of light and shadow. It is an interesting thing that Mayer’s wife has been one of his models.

“One day Ravel said, “Why should the music exist if it is not beautiful?” I think that such vector of pursuit is what we have in common as two sculptural artists,” says Bryukhanov.

"The photographs presented at this exhibition have only two colors and several shades. Sergey has a more subtle view of the world, not as categorical as mine. He decomposes white color into spectra. It is the color of life. It is the color of action, and to see all of those spectra along with the photographs is to complement each other in an interesting way,” says Mayer.

VS unio gallery will host “Mayer vs Bryukhanov” exhibition until the end of April.” >>>>

Russian branch of Marie Claire magazine

Marie Claire- is an international monthly magazine first published in France in 1937, followed by the UK in 1941. Since then various editions are published in many countries and languages. The feature editions focuses on women around the world and several global issues. Marie Claire magazine also covers health, beauty, and fashion topics.


Quote: “Both artists pay a lot of attention to the colors. But each of them does it his own way. In his abstract paintings, Bryukhanov uses a rich palette of shades and textures, through which he reproduces the light (according to his theory, the color is the light that went through the prism of sensory perception). Georgy Mayer, in turn, sticks to the black and white color spectrum and gains inspiration in the play of light and shadow on a woman’s body.

Sergey Bryukhanov is a Russian abstract artist who works mainly with the oil painting using the collage technique. He is one of the artists whose creative works defined the artistic and aesthetic pursuits of the mid-to-late 20th century in Russia. His works are held in the leading museums of our country as well as in private collections in the USA and the countries of Europe.

Georgy Mayer is a photographer, designer, artist and a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers. He is the winner of one of the most prestigious global photo contests (Sony World Photography Awards 2017) who developed his own style of studio photoshoot and won a name for himself in the artistic and fashion photography.” >>>>

“Argumenty i fakty” (Arguments and Facts) weekly newspaper is one of the most reputable and successful outlets in Russia, leader among the weekly social and political newspapers, its print run is 2.2 million copies, it has been published since January 1978. According to TNS Russia, “AiF” is the leader among the Russian weekly newspapers, the readership of one issue is 6,548,000 people. The six-months readership of the weekly newspapers is the largest among the Russian print media with 26,460,000 people which is almost a half of the adult population of Russia. The newspaper is distributed by subscription and by retail in 60 countries of the world including CIS countries and also in Europe, the USA, Australia, Israel, etc. “AiF” has also the vastest network of regional editorial offices: 66 in Russia and 17 in other countries., the website of “Argumenty i fakty” Publishing House, was created in 1997. As of today over 15 million users visit every month (data as of February 2014), the website is in TOP 10 of the most popular online media of the Russian Internet according to Liveinternet and TNS Web Index.


Quote: “Georgy Mayer, a photographer from Nizhny Tagil, has won the first prize at “Russian IPA” international contest in the category “Fine Art. Nudes”. The contest is held every year among the Russian-speaking photographers. Georgy Mayer posted the story about his victory on his “Vkontakte” page and told “AiF-Ural” about it on Thursday, October 4.

The photographer’s “Libido and Mortido” black-and white project has won him the first prize in “Nudes” category among the professionals. “Libido and mortido are the two forces that accompany us throughout our life since our birth,” says the photographer’s description of the project. “This project received a grant from Sony World Photography Organisation and was exhibited in Somerset House of London,” Georgy Mayer told to “AiF-Ural”. Ekaterina Tkachenko and Anzhelika Milenkaya, models from Urals, have also taken part in the project. The photographer’s works were exhibited in London in April.” >>>>


Official website of Sony in Russia

Sony Corporation is the leading producer of audio, video and photoproducts, games, communication and information products for the consumer and professional markets. Thanks to its firm position in such areas as music, cinema, computer games and e-commerce, Sony has unique advantages in electronics and entertainment industries and it is one of the leaders in those areas. By the end of the financial year 2015 (as of March 31, 2016) the consolidated annual sales of Sony amounted to 72 billion dollars approximately.


Quote: “George Mayer, a photographer, designer and artist. He works in the classical style but gives it a contemporary meaning and tone. In 2017 he won the Sony World Photography Awards, contest where he took the first prize in the nomination “Portrait” among the professionals. His photographs grace the covers of famous writers’ and dramatists’ novels including Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of Nobel Prize in Literature, and Bernard Werber, a popular French writer. His works have been acquired by Adobe, Atlantic Records, Alfa Romeo, Lalique, Netflix, for the film “Bright”, by MGM Television, for the iconic TV series “Fargo”. Also, George Mayer engages in intense exhibition activities, his works have been acquired for private Russian and foreign collections.” >>>>


Interview with George on the official website of Sony in Russia:



Quote: “How can you describe your individual style?

I will speak about artistic photography. It should be understood that the essence of the photography as writing with light can only be revealed during a scrupulous study of everything that happens on the line between the light and shadow. That is the study that I am engaged in. In terms of style, my photographs are a look into the past, unending attempts to continue developing the modernist concept, the life of old photographs. In conclusion, in my photographs the form usually dominates over substance.

How does your creative process unfold?

First of all, I come up with the concept of photo shooting. I concentrate on the image, I almost disconnect myself from the surrounding world, turn on the music and think. I make detailed sketches: how the model, will be standing, set of body and head, position of arms, etc. This is how my visual story is born. And after that, in the studio, I do not think. I get to work at once to get the image that I had created, conceived. For that purpose I use light, various modifiers, mirrors, I create light effects. At the stage of post processing I already have virtually nothing to do.

What is the most important result of your creative activity?

Concerning the artistic photography, it is to be aware of your style. More precisely, it is to be sure that my style exists not only in my mind as the author but also to be sure that the spectators will be able to recognize it, that my photographs cannot be mistaken for other authors’ works. My transition from learning to the real creative activity was long. I imitated other authors, interpreted until at last I became aware that my works could not be mistaken for other authors’ works. Currently this awareness is the most important result for me.” >>>>

FOTOCULT magazine

The magazine has been issued in Rome and distributed around Italy and other countries of Europe since 2003. FOTOCULT is the most famous photography magazine in Italian language.


Quote: “They are immobile statues placed against a clear background. No scenic elements or spatial marks. Abstract, captured in unnatural postures, they represent not presence but allusions, metonymies. It is a gallery of graphical, geometrical and architectural shapes of women, always immobile. The photographs by Georgy Mayer are elegant and sophisticated; he can combine simplicity and glamour and corresponds with the camera and lens titans of the 20th century. His works refer to Penn, Horst, Weston, Mapplethorpe, the virtuosos of light who turn the human shape into an abstract perfection. It is a clear line, a silhouette. Besides, Mayer often takes pictures of his wife, so tangibly present in life. But the tangible woman and everything that can define her, including time and space, is not present on the photograph.

Is it not paradoxical to begin with your life companion, so tangible, in order to attain the perfect outline of a woman that you bear in mind? I think that all art is made up of symbols, metaphors and conventions. It is a play of consciousness and subconsciousness. It is not that important what style the artist choses: it may be hyperrealism of the Düsseldorf school of painting, Martin Parr’s humor on the street, “amateur” genre of Nan Goldin or even the pornographic language of Mapplethorpe or Terry Richardson. All of those notions are conventional. I find inspiration in the black-and-white fashion photography of the twentieth century. I like to influence the subconsciousness using the minimalistic shapes and eliminating all the signs of the model’s actual presence. Even in “Politsiya” (Police) project (2011) the children depicted there are turned into symbols, something that happens in the works by Loretta Lux, an artist whose Photoshop skills I admire. Charlotte Cotton has described that technique in her successful work titled The Photograph as Contemporary Art as the deadpan photography: no emotions are present in the photographs but that does not mean that a spectator sees nothing. On the contrary, the audience should pay attention to everything. Removing ourselves from the signs of time and looking at Sagrada Família by Gaudí, it is hard to overlook the Mies van der Rohe pavilion!

As to the fashion photography, I have been inevitably attracted to the eternal elegance of the works by Horst P. Horst and Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Victor Skrebneski: I always thumb those masters’ photo albums and try to reveal the secret of their hypnotic charm.

The name of the series that won the prize at SWPA, “Light. Shadows. Perfect woman”, is also tell-tale. What is perfection for you? The perfection does not exist, and yet it is everything that is around us. It’s the harmony. We pursue it, but we cannot attain it. The protagonists of my photographs live in an abstract world, an extremely simplified reflection of the real world reduced to a black-and-white minimalism. On the line between those two edges lies the pursuit of harmony. It is an image inspired by The Perfect Human by Jørgen Leth. I like the concept of using the glamour to express a notion as well as the sense of alarm and untoldness that run through the film, a sort of living emptiness. In addition, I wanted to re-conduct the early 20th century experiments of František Drtikol, one of the first translators of Buddhist essays into Czech, who considered a photograph as a possibility to visualize a person’s internal space using the light, the shadow and the woman’s silhouette. However, when I was creating those images I did not expect a positive response from the critics. I realize that this work lingers in the classics and it is very masterful in terms of aesthetics, but at least, this time, it was not born from a customer’s desire and has those clear and regular lines that I love so much. After my exhibition in the city of Nizhny Tagil in Russia Ekaterinburg Gallery of Modenrn Art noticed me as later did several European managers. It is only then that I mustered up courage to exhibit the series at SWPA where I obviously did not hope to win!

How do you create the play of shadows on a model’s face and body? The shadow effects can be created in studios. This technique is not a secret: I take a flash Bowens and install on it an adapter for Gobo masks which I make for that purpose. Then, in postproduction, there is brightness increasing and reduction, frequency separation, Liquify filter ... But Photoshop is a software; it is not inspiring for me to talk about it.”


It is the leading professional photography and digital images magazine with the highest frequency of issues (26 a year) and the longest history (65 years) in the German-speaking area. PP delivers information on all the important trends, products, dates and events in relation to the professional photography and digital images. PP comments upon the most relevant issues of the professional photography stage and provide coverage of the most important market developments.

The magazine is 74 years old. It was founded in 1945 and is the oldest German photography magazine. The readers of PHOTO PRESSE are: professional photographers (64%), photo dealers with studios (16%), photographic universities and training facilities (9%), governmental authorities / institutes (6%), as well as the managers and decision-makers in the industry of images (5%).

The audience involves all main areas and styles: weddings, portrait, fashion, sports, celebratory, school and children photography, as well as advertising, food, science, travel and nature.


Herausgeber und Verlag

IMH Imaging Media House GmbH & Co. KG

In den Flachten 10

53639 Königswinter,

Tel. (02223) 907 840



The magazine has placed the photograph by George on the cover of issue No. 6 dated 5/4/2017

In addition, the magazine placed three photographs by George Mayer and a story on him into the article.



He is also the winner of SWPA in the nomination “Portrait”. Instead of the custom-made portraits, Georgy Mayer sent to the contest his unpaid works that he made in his studio with his girlfriend. “Apart from the commercial works, I like to develop new concepts and I need to implement them at once. My figurative language has been influenced by classical photographers, first of all by František Drtikol, a Czech classical photographer. Like him, I often play with light and shadow, not for some kind of effects but because for a photographer the play of dark and bright, the light and the shadow is an amazing tool to study the human personality in front of camera, to balance and interpret it.” The young Russian photographer lives in the Urals, in the city of Nizhny Tagil.  He was born there and he exhibits his works there as a photographer, not once in his life did he move from that city, nor does he want to. Unlike Faingnaert who looks for and finds inspiration outside the familiar environment, Mayer experiments with the photography style processes in his own studio which helps him to refill his vital force. In brief, the secret of his success is to learn the language of the old masters of photography and to transform them into today’s language.  Mayer says: “Without my unpaid works my good portrait custom-made works wouldn’t have worked out. On the contrary, only because I spend my time on experiments however I want, I can be a successful commercial art photographer.” Besides that, Mayer enjoys success as advertising photographer and filmmaker in the city completely unknown to us.” >>>>

BBC NEWS - is the world’s leading public service broadcaster

We’re impartial and independent, and every day we create distinctive, world-class programmes and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the UK and around the world.We do this across:

A portfolio of television services, including the UK’s most-watched channel BBC One, the pioneering online-only youth service BBC Three, and our multi award-winning channels for children, as well as national and regional television programmes and services across England. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Ten UK-wide radio networks, providing the best live music broadcasting in the UK, as well as speech radio which informs, educates and entertains. We also have two national radio services each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 39 local radio stations across England and the Channel Islands, providing an invaluable and unique service to listeners across the UK

Our digital services including BBC News, Sport, Weather CBBC and CBeebies, iPlayer and BBC Sounds, BBC Red Button and our vast archive

BBC World Service television, radio and online on more than 40 languages

Established by a Royal Charter, the BBC is principally funded through the licence fee paid by UK households. Our role is to fulfil our mission and promote our Public Purposes.Our commercial operations including BBC Studios, the BBC’s award-winning production company and world-class distributor, provide additional revenue for investment in new programming and services for UK audiences.The BBC’s Board ensures that we deliver our mission and public purposes which are set out in the Charter. The Executive Committee is responsible for day-to-day management. We are regulated by Ofcom.


Quote: «The Portraiture award went to George Mayer for the series Light. Shadows. Perfect woman. All the winning and shortlisted images will be exhibited at Somerset House, London 21 April - 7 May. All photos courtesy: Sony World Photography Award» >>>>

“” magazine is the first local glossy magazine in Saint Petersburg, published since 1999 by “TOP-50” LLC publishing house. One of the major federal networks of city lifestyle glossy magazines.


Quote: “The subject of the perfect woman has for many centuries been the source of continuous inspiration for artists and sculptors. When the photographic camera was invented the art photographers joined them. Georgy Mayer reveals the light, the shadow and the nature of femininity through special optics. The author’s unique style involves the magical play of light and shadow on the models’ delicate shapes. By arranging the delicate balance of the correlations between darkness and light, the author explores the evident monumentality and dualism of the images of perfect woman and the geometry of light not only becomes the sculptural language but also brings the semantic meanings into correlation.

The exposition will include over 20 creative products the main artistic object of which is the image of woman. However, the facial expression of the woman in the photograph is alienated and her body becomes some kind of scenery element simplified to extreme minimalism and existing on equal terms, so to say, with the geometric shapes made by the shadows. Unlike the classical portrait where the protagonist’s personality is reflected, the works exhibited are not intended to reveal the person’s peculiarity. All specific features are hidden. Each image holds a certain symbolism. For the first time the exhibition will take place in Ekaterinburg.” >>>>


“VSE NOVOSTI” (ALL THE NEWS) Information agency of Nizhny Tagil, media outlet’s registration certificate: Digital No. ФС 77-51674 dated 11/2/2012, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). Founder: “Radio-Ekofond” LLC, the first musical and informational commercial radio station in Nizhny Tagil broadcasting 24/7 in stereo mode on the frequency of 103.0 MHz FM. The only non-network station in the city of Nizhny Tagil.


Quote: “George Mayer, member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, participant and award winner of the national and foreign professional photo contests, held exhibitions in Berlin, London and Marsciano. He is primarily known for his commercial projects. His fashion photographs grace the covers of magazines, books, CD disks and billboards around the world. Also, he cooperates with “Atlantic Records” sound-recording label. George Mayer holds a degree in interior design. He became keen on photography in 2006. He travels and looks for ideas for his photo projects together with Nadezda, his wife, who is also his friend, kindred spirit and muse.

It is during their private travel in Abkhazia that the husband and the wife came up with the idea to tell about the fate of that country through the portraits of its people. The photographers saw cities ruined by war, the aftermath of the military conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia that had taken place in early 90s of the previous century. At first, they decided to show the ruins of the buildings that had suffered from artillery attacks. However, their attitude towards the sad reality changed a lot after their conversations with the locals.” >>>>


“Yerkramas” journal of the Russian Armenians, published since 1996.

Established by the Center of Ethnopolitical Studies.

“Yerkramas” journal is one of the founders of the Russian National Congress of Media (2001) and winner of the Russian National Platform of Young Journalists (2001). The Internet website of the journal was announced to be the best ethnic information website in Russia (2000) and the journal was announced to be the best ethnic outlet of the South of Russia in 2002. 


Quote: “The essential idea of the renowned photographer’s personal exhibition is to show the philosophy of contrasts in his photographs. The author of the works is a talented art photographer, member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, author of notable commercial projects. The works by George Mayer participated and won in many national and worldwide photo contests, were exhibited in London, Berlin, Marsciano.

The professional activity of the art photographer, holder of interior designer’s diploma, began in 2006 with his interest in photography. Nadezda, the photographer’s wife, is his muse, ally, friend and partner in his search for interesting ideas.

The couple’s travel in Abkhazia led them to creation of the series of the photography works featured at the exhibition. At first, they planned to show the aftermath of the war between Georgia and Abkhazia in their photographs: broken city streets and buildings with traces of artillery attacks. However, according to George Mayer the conversations with the locals resulted in alteration of the concept. They decided to show children who had been born after the military conflict, who never had held a weapon in their hands, the children who embodied the future of the new country.

Hence, the photography works from the “Mirnoye Pokoleniye” (A Generation of Peace) project is the main part, the major part of the personal exhibition of George Mayer. It is full of portraits of the young people from Abkhazian cities and villages: dancers, athletes, musicians.” >>>>

Tatar-Inform news agency is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). “Tatar-Inform” delivers about 300 information messages in Russian, up to 40 in Tatar and about 30 in English every day around the clock. It covers the full range of information areas: from politics to show business. Twenty-five percent of the materials delivered include video, audio and photographs. The agency spreads information through the website and news aggregators (Yandex,, Rambler, Google).



Quote: “(Kazan, July 20, “Tatar-inform”, Lyutsiya Kamalova). The names of the award winners of the “Young Photographers of Russia 2011” contest have been announced today in Kazan. The awarding ceremony has taken place in the Exhibition Hall of the State Museum of Fine Arts. The event has been held within the Festival of Young Photographers of Russia that started this evening in the capital of Tatarstan and will continue until July 23. The names of the 10 winners have been announced by Mariusz Wideryński, the chairman of the jury and the President of the Association of Polish Art Photographers. The award winners were: Sergey Kolyaskin, for “Glaza Istorii” (Eyes of History) series (Chelyabinsk); Nikita Litvinenko, for “Tyazholoye Probuzhdeniye” (Painful Awakening) series (Moscow); Stepan Rudik, for “Vokzal” (Railway Station) series (Novosibirsk); Artyom Sokolov, for “Pustota” (Emptiness) series (Leningrad Region); Ayar Kuo Uhhan, for “Kray sveta...” (The World’s End...) (Yakutsk). Yevgeniy Shchemilin, for “Patsany s hutora Laznoy” (Fellas from Laznoy khutor) and “GENPLAN” (SITE PLAN) series (Norilsk); George Mayer, for “Kazachye bratstvo” (Cossacks Brotherhood) and “Deti sotrudnikov militia” (Children of the Policemen) series (Nizhny Tagil); Yuriy Pritisk, for “Nedoskazannoye...” (The Untold) series (Novocheboksarsk); Yevgeniy Remizov, for “Kimry” series (Moscow) and Maxim Yuldashev, for “Odni iz mnogih” (One Among Many) series (Moscow).”>>>>

The results of EISA Maestro Photo Contest 2011 “My Country” are published in “Foto-Video” magazine #7, year 2011 and on the official website of the magazine.

FOTO-VIDEO is the Russian monthly printed photography and photo/video equipment magazine. Foto&Video is the only monthly printed photography magazine in Russia. Foto&Video has been published since 1997 by “KATMAT” Moscow publishing house. Since 1998 Foto&Video has been a member of association of European magazines EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) and is the only photography magazine that represents EISA association in Russia. In 2011 the Association of Printed Products Distributors announced that Foto&Video was the top seller in “Family Reading” interest group, “Audio/video/DVD/photo/household appliances” subgroup. 


Quote: “George Mayer, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region. Second prize

A series from the “Pravoslavnaya Rossiya” (Orthodox Russia) project

“The main purpose of my project is to contribute to the chronicles of Christian religion in Urals and other regions of Russia as well as rebirth and development of the fine-art portrait photography. The project’s tasks include the Cossacks’ photographic image building. The essence of this image consists in display of the believers’ attitude towards the Cossacks as protectors of the Orthodox Church’s cause, as generous people who live up to the God’s laws. The photographs show portraits of the Uralian Cossacks from the Alexander Nevsky stanitsa, city of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region.” >>>>