Book a photoshoot in LA (Los Angeles) in three simple steps:


1. Determine the purpose of the shoot and the number of models

Example 1: I need portraits of myself for social media

Example 2: I need a portrait of a couple (me and my girlfriend/boyfriend) for interior decoration


2. Determine the style.

Example 1: I need erotic boudoir photos in the interior

Example 2: I need nude photos with original art lighting

You can see more examples below on the page


3. Write your name and email and submit the request.



You have requested a photo shoot with George Mayer!

Within two days, we will contact you to confirm the details and schedule the shoot.


Classic nude

The beauty of classical nude photography in a photo studio lies in its timeless elegance and artistic composition that highlights the natural grace of the human form. The interplay of light and shadow, along with the careful attention to posing and expression, contributes to the alluring and sophisticated aesthetic of these photographs.

Art nude

The uniqueness of beautiful photographs in the genre of nude photography with complex lighting effects and unusual shadows in a photo studio lies in their captivating and avant-garde visual impact. The interplay of intricate lighting setups, creative shadow placements, and innovative techniques results in striking and visually intriguing images that push the boundaries of traditional nude photography.

Classic portrait

The essence of beautiful photographs in the classic fashion portrait genre in a photo studio lies in their timeless elegance, attention to detail, and sophisticated aesthetic. The use of professional lighting, composition, and styling enhances the subject's features, creating a refined and polished image that exudes style and sophistication


The allure of sensual and intimate boudoir photographs lies in their ability to capture the subject's raw beauty, vulnerability, and sensuality in a tasteful and elegant manner. Through the use of soft lighting, flattering poses, and subtle expressions, boudoir photography creates a captivating and empowering visual narrative that celebrates the subject's individuality and sexuality


Sensual photo shoots in a photo studio for couples in love capture the deep emotional connection, intimacy, and passion between partners, creating timeless and evocative images that celebrate their bond. These intimate sessions welcome couples of all orientations, including LGBTQ couples, embracing love in all its forms through artful and authentic photography